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  • Louise Despont According to the Universe

    Louise Despont. Garden, 2014. Installation view at Pioneer Works, Red Hook, Brooklyn, 2014. Production still from the ART21 New York Close Up film, Louise Despont According to the Universe. © ART21, Inc. 2015. What is the source of inspiration? In a new film from the ART21 New York Close Up series, artist Louise Despont, from [...]

  • The Walker Curates the News 11.09.15

    The Citizen, 2015 © Tobias Zielony “Art is not neutral.” Tania Canas, arts director of RISE (Refugees, Survivors and Ex-Detainees ), raises questions around the ethics of artists using refugees in their  projects. In this 10-point list, she exposes the reality that, though artists’ representations of refugees are often seen as giving voice to those [...]

  • Politics and Dignity in Graciela Iturbide’s Photographs

    Graciela Iturbide taking a photograph. Production still from the series ART21 Exclusive. © ART21, Inc. 2015. Photograph Courtesy: Pedro Meyer. “Politics are already implied when I’m working in Mexico. I don’t have to say ‘Look, what injustice!’ because it would be sensationalized.” — Graciela Iturbide Artist Graciela Iturbide discusses her personal and artistic relationship to politics and [...]

  • The Walker Curates the News: 11.02.15

    Corita Kent, [W]RON[G] WAY / Prophets of boom, 1967, on view in Corita Kent and the Language of Pop, Harvard Art Museums “Her gift was to express these really profound things with a kind of playfulness. That was Corita. There was an irony, what we might call a ludic element in her work, that sort [...]

  • Carson: Loss of Keystone Leaves U.S. With No Place to Store Grain

    WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Presidential candidate Ben Carson has issued a dire warning that President Obama’s cancellation of the Keystone Pipeline has left the United States with “virtually no place to store grain.” See the rest of the story at Related:The Rap on Carson“Houseplants” for D.I.Y.ers Who Have Killed Too Many HouseplantsDaily Cartoon: Friday, November [...]

  • “Saturday Night Live” Gets Trumped

    “He’s perfect!” Drunk Uncle, one of the commentator characters on “Saturday Night Live” ’s Weekend Update said of Donald Trump, who happened to be the host of the show last night. “He’s like a big old beautiful Monopoly man.” Drunk Uncle (played by Bobby Moynihan) blinked at his drink. Trump was “someone who has been saying [...]

  • The Curious Persistence of Poetry Shops

    On a recent afternoon on Front Street in Dumbo, a patron approached Jared White, the owner of Berl’s Brooklyn Poetry Shop, and asked for recommendations of Spanish-language and Scandinavian poets. He pointed to “Poems,” by the Uruguayan writer Eduardo Milán, and “Remainland,” by the Swedish poet Aase Berg. White and his wife, Farrah Field, opened [...]

  • Google’s New Autoreply Sounds Great!!!!

    On April 1, 2009, Google unveiled Gmail Autopilot, a plug-in that promised to read and generate contextually relevant replies to the messages piling up in users’ inboxes. “As more and more everyday communication takes place over email, lots of people have complained about how hard it is to read and respond to every message,” the [...]

  • Living la Vida Loca in Japan

    When Colin Stokes made his first trip to Japan, he invited the cartoonist Edward Steed along to document the adventure. See the rest of the story at Related:GonezoThe Cartoon Lounge: Nakedity and NudednessDaily Cartoon: Tuesday, November 3rd

  • Harsh Talk

    Three years ago, after the reëlection of Barack Obama, a rueful Republican National Committee launched an inquiry into where the Party had gone wrong. Researchers for the Growth & Opportunity Project contacted more than twenty-six hundred people—voters, officeholders, Party operatives—conducted focus groups, and took polls around the country. The resulting report is a bracingly forthright [...]


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