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  • “Repellent Fence / Valla Repelente”

    Installation detail, seen from Mexico, showing one of the balloons that comprise the Repellent Fence / Valla Repelente in relationship to the US border fence. In this image the US Border Fence reflects the sunlight at dusk. Photo by Michael Lundgren. Courtesy of Postcommodity. Continuing their exploration of contested spaces, Postcommodity recently presented Repellent Fence [...]

  • Janitor for the Nation

    Thomas Smillie. Untitled, 1890. Cyanotype. Source: Smithsonian Institution Archives. This text is from a forthcoming collection of short stories about speculative museums. “Janitor for the Nation” was born from an invitation uttered during a performance by Public Movement: “Imagine that this museum is a nation, and inside this nation is a museum.” Each nation lasts [...]

  • ghost post

    Dr. Jeffrey A. Becker Read bio igate mackerel gray reef shark. Orbicular batfish silver driftfish mola Blind shark golden dojo, paperbone, cookie-cutter shark kanyu ayu great white shark? Buffalofish Pacific lamprey blackfish, dragonfish rudd lungfish darter, “North American freshwater catfish plaice.” Codling halibut moray eel marlin pencilsmelt, mustache triggerfish, “zebra tilapia beluga sturgeon.” Australian prowfish [...]

  • Omer Fast Interrupts “Continuity”

    Still from Continuity (2012)Production still from the series ART21 Exclusive. © ART21, Inc. 2015. Artwork courtesy: Omer Fast, Arratia Beer, Dvir Gallery & gb Agency “Those moments are magical in film—when we have a pure linear motion that approaches something and reveals it—but I’m interested in the stuff that gets in the way.” — Omer [...]

  • How to use the F-word in 2016: The Guerrilla Girls Twin Cities Takeover

    Guerrilla Girls, 2015. Sitting outside the Department Head’s office at Minneapolis College of Art & Design I was nervous, clearly unaccustomed to sounds and vibes of academia. I felt like an imposter. For more than two decades I had worked in the field as a curator, writer, and art administrator. Somehow by the time I [...]

  • Gina Siepel’s Listening Trips

    Gina Siepel. CACOPHONY, 2011, underpass on the Bronx River. Photo credit: Anna Reynolds. In July 2011, the artist Gina Siepel paddled down the Bronx River with four strangers. This series of excursions in the northernmost borough of New York City, along with four similar trips led by Siepel in the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge in Queens, [...]

  • The Walker Curates the News: 01.25.16

    Deborah de Robertis, Facebook Examining nudity “in the real world,” performance artist Deborah de Robertis recreated the nude in Edouard Manet’s Olympia in front of the work itself. In a telling parallel with the painting whose nude was met with shock in the 19th century, de Robertis’s body was immediately covered, and the artist was removed by Musée [...]

  • Confronting Crisis: An Interview with Syrian Artists Tammam Azzam, Sara Shamma & Kevork Mourad

    From left to right: Tammam Azzam’s Syrian Museum: Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss (Freedom Graffiti), archival print, 2013; Sara Shamma’s Meat, oil and acrylic on canvas, 2014; Kevork Mourad’s The Last Prayer, acrylic on paper, 2014. The three artists participating in this interview left their homes in Syria behind, and each employs a distinct aesthetic to address [...]

  • Donald Trump: The Art of Losing the Deal

    Donald J. Trump is the greatest negotiator in history, according to Donald J. Trump, who has repeatedly called his book “The Art of the Deal” the second-greatest of all time, behind the Bible. Trump would probably point out, too, that you’d be better off reading his book than reading His book if you’re trying to [...]

  • Rumsfeld’s Game

    On a drizzly winter afternoon, Donald Rumsfeld arrived at a fourth-floor steakhouse overlooking Columbus Circle, tossed his overcoat into a booth, and ordered a cup of coffee. His silver hair was brushed back in a bicorne shape; his small, twinkling eyes suggested that he was savoring a private joke. At age eighty-three, he had overseen [...]


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