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  • Weekly Roundup

    Abraham Cruzvillegas. Autoconstruccion Room, 2009. Installation view: Thomas Dane Gallery, London, United Kingdom, 2009. Courtesy the artist and kurimanzutto, Mexico City. © Abraham Cruzvillegas Abraham Cruzvillegas discusses architectural influences, David Brooks and Mark Dion argue species virtuosity, and more in this week’s roundup. Abraham Cruzvillegas will speak at The New School (New York, NY) tomorrow as part of the [...]

  • The Walker Curates the News: 10.20.14

    Steve McQueen. Photo: Gene Pittman, Walker Art Center “My only commitment—my only doctrine—is to not let the dust settle,” says director/artist Steve McQueen, a sentiment that’s reinforced by his new video and sculptural works, which address racism and the pervasiveness of violence, partially in response to recent events in Ferguson, Missouri. Like Solomon Northup of 12 [...]

  • In Memoriam: Susan Sollins, ART21 Founder & Executive Director

    Susan Sollins, ART21 Founder & Executive Director The board, staff, and community of ART21 mourn the death of ART21’s founder and executive director, Susan Sollins—who passed away on Monday, October 13—and commemorate her groundbreaking achievements. Susan was a visionary creative force and tireless advocate for contemporary art and artists. Resolute in her belief in the [...]

  • Mariah Robertson’s Chemical Reactions

    Production still from the ART21 New York Close Up film Mariah Robertson’s Chemical Reactions. © ART21, Inc. 2014. How does an artist comes to grips with the uncontrollable? In a new film from the ART21 New York Close Up series—filmed over the course of four years—artist Mariah Roberston experiments with photographic chemistry in her Brooklyn [...]


    “When English is not your first language, words can often sound conspicuous. I thought the word “exit” was the same as “exile.” Both words signify…a threshold you are crossing, not only physically, but symbolically as well.” Columbian artist Nicolas Consuegra, who spent formative creative years in New York City, knows something about feeling displaced—and finding expression in [...]

  • Kalup Linzy Joins the ART21/CUE Book Club

    Artist Kalup Linzy during an acupuncture appointment at Kangmei Pan’s Natural Health (Midtown, Manhattan, 12.08.10). Production still from the New York Close Up film Kalup Linzy & James Franco, That’s Entertainment! © Art21, Inc. 2011. Cinematography by Rafael Salazar & Ava Wiland. The ART21/CUE Book Club returns on November 13, with video and performance artist [...]

  • Duck Season/Rabbit Season

    Kehinde Wiley. The Lamentation Over the Dead Christ, 2008. Oil on canvas; 131 x 112 inches. Courtesy the artist. “Sometimes the exotic can be right in front of you.”1 —Kehinde Wiley “In this photograph you are lion-like, toothless, fraudulent.”2 —Uniglory, Jen Hofer “wide ranging large carnivores like this bear are particularly vulnerable to becoming road kill.”3 [...]

  • Season 7 Preview: Abraham Cruzvillegas

    Abraham Cruzvillegas was born in Mexico City in 1968. Inspired by the harsh landscape and living conditions of Colonia Ajusco, his childhood neighborhood in Mexico City where houses were built on inhospitable land in ad hoc improvisations according to personal needs and economic resources, Cruzvillegas assembles sculptures and installations from found objects and disparate materials. [...]

  • What does it mean to be a responsible global citizen?

    Barbara Kruger. Untitled (I shop, therefore I am), 1987. Photographic silkscreen on vinyl; 111 x 113 inches. Courtesy Mary Boone Gallery, New York. “Inquiring Minds” is a new ART21 Magazine series, focusing on the teaching practices of ART21 Educators alumni. ART21 Educators is an intensive professional development program designed to support K–12 teachers who are interested in bringing contemporary [...]

  • Weekly Roundup

    Matthew Ritchie. Ten Possible Links, 2014. Installation view at Andrea Rosen Gallery. Left: Command and control, 2014. Oil and ink on canvas; 84 x 112 x 2 1/2 inches framed. Floor: Night Drawing, 2014. Powder coated aluminum; 125 x 82 x 84 inches. Edition of 1, 1 AP. Wall: The Temptation of the Diagram, 2014. [...]


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