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  • Richard Tuttle Makes Tools for Life

    Detail of Section VII, Extension I (2007) at Pace Gallery in New York City.Production still from the series ART21 Exclusive. © ART21, Inc. 2016. Cinematography: Jarred Alterman. “Art’s importance comes when it’s a tool for life, when it makes life more available for us.” — Richard Tuttle Today’s ART21 Exclusive features Richard Tuttle reflecting on [...]

  • On Exposure

    Matthew Morrocco. Paul, 2015. Inkjet Print, 30″ x 24″. Courtesy of the artist. In the world of contemporary art, we are inundated by images. From art made to be photographed and shared, to Internet art, and “post-Internet” art, to Instagram and Tumblr celebrities. The normalizing of image making has made one thing clear: if art [...]

  • Flying High: My Chicago Drone Day

    Nick Ravich, producer of the Chicago hour in Art in the Twenty-First Century Season 8, describes a day of filming the city with drones:   April 15, 2016 — D-day. My long-awaited drone day, shooting sky-high footage of Chicago. I’ve got an ambitious schedule with just ten hours to capture both general birds-eye-view cool-ness, and evocative [...]

  • Season 8 Preview: Minerva Cuevas

    Season 8 Preview: Minerva Cuevas [see the SlideDeck] See more of Minerva Cuevas’ work in her slideshows on Minerva Cuevas was born in Mexico City in 1975. A conceptual and socially-engaged artist, she creates sculptural installations and paintings in response to politically-charged events, such as the tension between world starvation and capitalistic excess. Cuevas documents [...]

  • In Defense Against Material: An Interview with A. Laurie Palmer

    A. Laurie Palmer. Heap Leach Field, Nevada (silver). Courtesy of the artist. In 2015, Black Dog Publishing released A. Laurie Palmer’s book, In the Aura of a Hole: Exploring Sites of Material Extraction, which documents multiple visits the artist made to sites of industrial extraction around the United States. Describing trips to Texas, Florida, New [...]

  • Queer Secrets Exposed

    Photo of Vera Rubin. Courtesy of the artist. A beautiful photograph conveys what the artist sees as its rightful and best composition. A photo, said to express a thousand words, has millions of thoughts put into it. One can deconstruct and analyze a photographic image through its use of shutter speed, aperture, and exposure—the amount [...]

  • This Week in Art: 7.18-7.24

    Ai Weiwei’s F. Lotus installation at Belvedere Palace in Vienna. Photo via @aiww on Instagram. NPR Berlin’s coverage of the Foreign Affairs Festival included a segment on William Kentridge, and his series of lecture-performances centered around the festival’s theme: uncertainty. “Uncertainty means giving the work the benefit of the doubt,” Kentridge says. “Uncertainty is a polemic against [...]

  • Behind the Scenes of Season 8: Vancouver

    ART21 filming Liz Magor’s LightShed at Coal Harbour in Vancouver, Canada, 2016. Behind the scenes of ART21’s series Art in the Twenty-First Century, Season 8, 2016. Photo: Wesley Miller. © ART21, Inc. 2016. Our journey behind the camera of Art in the Twenty-First Century continues with a fourth installment of “Deep Focus.” See behind-the-scenes photos from the final [...]

  • The Feminist Legacy in Radical Plastic

    Carolyn Carr. Table from the Painter’s Studio, 1996-2016. Lizella Clay, artist glazes, natural and mineral pigments, wood, plaster, glass, 58″ x 28″ x 28″. © Carolyn Carr. Courtesy of the artist and Jackson Fine Art, Atlanta. Feminist themes materialize in the works in Radical Plastic, the exhibition bringing to mind my initial exposure to feminism. In 1973, when I [...]

  • Fame and Feminism: An Interview with Kate Durbin

    Kate Durbin. Hello Selfie, photo documentation by Jessie Askinazi. Courtesy of the artist. Which parts of ourselves do we choose to bare in public? What are the likes, experiences, and frustrations that we carefully curate to represent who we are to the world? With a color wheel of social-media platforms, reality TV, selfie sticks, and constant [...]


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