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  • Glenn Ligon: Layers of Meaning

    Glenn Ligon. Hands(detail), 1996. Production still from the series Exclusive. © Art21, Inc. 2014. Cinematography: Joel Shapiro. “Like any artwork, things become richer if you know more about them, but I don’t think that’s crucial.” —Glenn Ligon Today’s Exclusive features Glenn Ligon discussing texts and cultural events, such as the writings of James Baldwin and [...]

  • Graem Whyte’s Carnal Optimism

    Editor’s note: This essay was originally published by CUE Art Foundation as part of their Young Art Critic Mentoring Program, in partnership with AICA-USA. The author’s mentor was David Ebony, currently a Contributing Editor of Art in America and its former Managing Editor. The Art21 Magazine has republished this essay as part of our new collaboration with CUE Art Foundation. Graem Whyte. [...]

  • Weekend Reading: The Aftermath in Boston, a Blues Mystery, and More

    The Boston Globe on life after the marathon bombing, John Jeremiah Sullivan on lost blues singers, and more.

  • Fighting, and Winning, Against Prop 8

    Jo Becker’s new book on the fight for marriage equality reveals how seemingly small moments can help to change history.

  • David Remnick: A Russian exile in Paris speaks out.

    In 1987, Joseph Brodsky, the singular Russian poet of his generation, delivered a lecture in Vienna entitled “The Condition We Call ‘Exile.’ ” He began with a gesture of humility. Brodsky had been forced to leave the Soviet Union in 1972, but it was his good fortune . . .

  • Backblogged: Our Five Favorite Sentences of the Week

    “What seems implausible to me is a lifetime of absolute normalcy, a world in which there are no invasions or wars.”

  • Vladimir’s Version

    Whether his language is pugnacious or appeasing, Putin’s future moves remain unknown to either Ukraine or the West.

  • Eyeball Kicks: A Surreal Safari Honeymoon

    A selection from Jesse Jacobs’s new book of comics, “Safari Honeymoon.”

  • Richard Avedon’s Gabriel García Márquez

    Richard Avedon photographed the author in 1976, and again in 2004; this portrait emerged from his second try.

  • Bronzino, Portrait of Eleonora of Toledo with her son Giovanni (essay)

    An art history essay: Agnolo Bronzino’s Portrait of Eleonora of Toledo and her Son Giovanni shows a much-idealized Eleonora in an elaborately decorated and bejeweled dress, which dominates the painting (another portrait by Bronzino—shown left—which has been recently identified as Eleonora, depicts her as much frumpier and is probably closer to what she really looked [...]


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