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  • Perspectives from the “Gramsci Monument”

    Freddy Velez painting a sign at the “Gramsci Monument” (2013), a monument by Thomas Hirschhorn. Production still from the series ART21 Exclusive. © ART21, Inc. 2015. Cinematography: John Marton. “I don’t do something for the community, I do something, I hope, for art and the understanding of art – my goal is this.” —Thomas Hirschhorn [...]

  • Letter from the Editor, Alicia Eler

    Ray Anthony Barrett. Sly and the Family Ties, 2015; ink on paper; 8 1/2 x 11 inches. Image courtesy of the artist. Special commission for ART21 Magazine (May/June 2015, “Family”). One’s experience of family can be joyous, painful, bizarre, revelatory, and intimate. To describe it with any single word wouldn’t do it justice. Like a [...]

  • Behind Voids and Dissonance: Experimental Music of Fluxus and the Source Family

    La Monte Young, 1992. Courtesy of Flickr. “Purge the world of bourgeois sickness, ‘intellectual,’ professional and commercialized culture; Purge the world of dead art, imitation, artificial art, abstract art, illusionistic art—PURGE THE WORLD OF ‘EUROPANISM!’” [1]. Written with cambered handwriting, the first Fluxus manifesto was released in 1963 and clearly illustrated the movement’s mindset. Members of [...]

  • The Walker Curates the News: 05.18.15

    Video still from They Come to Us without a Word, via © Joan Jonas Joan Jonas‘s “triumphal exhibition” at the Venice Biennale “doesn’t simply look back on a long and fruitful career: It extends that career,” writes Roberta Smith of the 70-year-old artist’s US pavilion multimedia installation, They Come to Us Without a Word. Organized [...]

  • Leonardo Drew and Piet Mondrian Meet on the Grid

    Leonardo Drew visiting the grave of Piet Mondrian in Cypress Hills Cemetery, Brooklyn. Production still from the series ART21 Exclusive. © ART21, Inc. 2015. Cinematography: Joel Shapiro. “What can I say about Mondrian, he’s just the man. As far as the grid and composition, obviously I’m working off of him and standing on the shoulders [...]

  • Personal Digital Networks

    Sara Schnadt. My Email Community, 2015; anonymized visualization of 10 years of email interactions using MIT Media Lab’s Immersion Project. Courtesy of the artist. Sara Schnadt and Kristy Baltezore met three years ago at the kitchen table of their mutual friend and fellow new-media artist Rob Ray, who is like a chosen family member. They [...]

  • The Walker Curates the News: 05.11.15

    Elevation of the Frick Collection plan from 70th Street (rendering courtesy Neoscape Inc., 2014, and the Frick Collection) Nearly 60 top arts figures—including Chuck Close, Cindy Sherman, Jeff Koons, and Richard Prince—have signed a letter urging NYC officials to deny the Frick Collection’s expansion proposal on the grounds that it would damage the intimacy of [...]

  • Joan Jonas Performs in the Streets of New York

    Still from Organic Honey’s Vertical Roll (1973) by Joan Jonas. Production still from the series ART21 Exclusive. © ART21, Inc. 2015. Artwork Courtesy: Joan Jonas and Electronic Arts Intermix, New York. “I wanted to develop my own language and the minute I started performing I began to invent in a different way.” —Joan Jonas Today’s [...]

  • Subverting Mass Media: The Collection of the Girls of the Internet Museum Accentuates Sincerity

    (left) Saoirse Wall. you only need follow the rules, and all will be well, 2014. Right: Hannah Black. My Bodies, 2014. Courtesy of the artists. Gaby Cepeda, an independent curator based in Lima, Peru, founded the Girls of the Internet Museum as a way to archive Internet works made by an international group of women. Controlled and personified, social media [...]

  • Mom in the Mirror

    (left) Lisa Ross. Grown with Mortimer and Original Painting, 1993. (right) Lisa at 10 with Mortimer Schnerd, 1974; reprinted 1993. Both photographs by Susann Ross; silver gelatin print; 40″ x 60″. Courtesy of Lisa Ross. In December 2013, I received a master’s degree in psychoanalysis at the Center for Modern Psychoanalytic Studies in New York, the same institute [...]