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North Korea Outlaws the Use of Mobile Phones for the Next 100 Days

Smartphones—whether it’s an Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Nokia, or anything else; are now illegal in North Korea. Well, over the next 100 days that is. According to several sources, cell phones are outlawed in North Korea over the next 100 days. While they mourn the death of their fallen dictator Kim Jong-il; anyone caught [...]

Kaiser Permanente Releases Official App for Android

Did you know there’s now an app that allows its users to access all their medical records and prescriptions? Thanks to Kaiser Permanente, health plan members can now access such data and even send messages and make appointments with their doctor with only their smartphone. Accessing information from the app allows its health plan members [...]

15 Best Android 3.0+ Apps For Tablets From The Last 2 Months (12/7/11 – 1/29/12)

Welcome to the weekly roundup of the best new Android applications, games, and live wallpapers that went live in the Market or were spotted by us in the previous 2 weeks or so. This edition focuses only on new tablet apps or ones that added Honeycomb support. Regular apps and games are coming soon. The [...]

Motorola Announces "Developer Edition" RAZR With Unlockable Bootloader Headed To Europe, With Another Unlockable Device Bound For The U.S. In "The Coming Months"

Motorola announced today through their official community blog that a RAZR "Developer Edition" (evidently based on the original Droid RAZR, not its newer MAXX counterpart) is in the works. The dev-friendly device will carry an unlockable bootloader and is poised to hit European markets relatively soon, with a (yet unspecified) unlockable device bound for the [...]

Nokia Says Lumia 800 Battery Life Is Fixed, Promises Updates For Audio And Camera Quality

While Nokia’s first Windows Phone, the Lumia 800, has been critically acclaimed for its unique industrial design, it has had its fair share of issues regarding battery life and audio and camera quality. In a statement posted on its official support forums, Nokia says that the recent 1600.2483.8106.11500 update indeed fixes all problems related to [...]

Swan Songs are Copyrighted, Too – XDA TV

After a short hiatus, azrienoch is back with the XDA TV Recap. This week, he focuses on the major events of the last few weeks, like the SOPA and PIPA blackout, XDA’s coverage of CES 2012, AT&T’s raised rates to pay for the breakup fee with T-Mobile, and the latest threat to the freedom of [...]

AndroidPIT Weekly Update: The Internet Knows Everything

(This is a preview – click here to read the entire entry.) In today's episode of AndroidPIT's Weekly Update, we're talking about a possible privacy breach with Vlingo software, how Facebook really does know everything about us and what might happen to copyright if Apple get's it's way… It's AndroidPIT Weekly Update #20.  

How to add a splash screen to your android application in under 5 minutes

Adding a splash screen to your application is a quick and easy way to make it look more well rounded, complete, and more professional, it can also serve as a useful distraction whereby you have an extra few seconds to initialise your application components before displaying them to the user. In this post I’ll show…

Best free iPod Touch games

We select the best free iPod Touch games for those looking to game on the go without spending a dime.

Crack this: How to pick strong passwords and keep them that way

You use passwords every day to access things like your phone, your email, and social networking. But are you really keeping yourself safe?

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