Terry Richardson Gets Naked and Grabs His Junk With a Bunch of Male Models During a Shoot; Has He Crossed the Line?

Here’s a photo from Diesel Mexico’s Twitter, posted last night, showing photographer Terry Richardson and a bunch of male models grabbing their junk. “Terry Richardson ( @Terry_World ) and his models wearing Diesel Underwear obviously!!!!!” the Tweet reads. Only the models are actually wearing underwear while Terry, whom we assume was there to shoot a campaign for Diesel underwear (he’s shot for Diesel before), dropped his drawers, too, offering up a lovely view of his pubes. (Morning!) One of the models is holding up an iPhone that says “I ‘heart’ porn.’ Nice touch, no?

Provocative, sexually charged photos are Richardson’s M.O. That he got naked during a shoot is also nothing new. In March of 2010 models Rie Rasmussen and Jamie Peck accused him of sexual harassment, of being a “creep” and manipulating models into taking their clothes off. Peck described her account in The Gloss, writing that during her shoot with Richardson he got naked: “Before I could say ‘whoa, whoa, whoa!’ dude was wearing only his tattoos and waggling the biggest dick I’d ever seen dangerously close to my unclothed person (granted, I hadn’t seen very many yet).” Even though other models and industry players came forward with stories about Richardson’s inappropriate behavior (their accounts were published in Jezebel) no suits were filed. Richardson responded to the allegations on his blog, saying “I just want to take a moment to say I’m really hurt by the recent and false allegations of insensitivity and misconduct. I feel fortunate to work with so many extraordinary people each and every day. I’ve always been considerate and respectful of the people I photograph and I view what I do as a real collaboration between myself and the people in front of the camera.”

The controversy around Richardson has since subsided and he’s getting more work than ever. You think this will stir things up again? Frockwriter, who first noticed the Tweetpic, makes a good point:

But assuming that he knew this behind-the-scenes Diesel shot was due to be published, what exactly is the point Richardson is trying to make here? That when it comes to the now fairly widespread claims of his inappropriate workplace behaviour with regard to women, which include numerous allegations that he has exposed himself on set and engaged in sexually predatory behaviour – with Rie Rasmussen and Jamie Peck going on the record last year – that he’s an equal opportunity offender?

There is something undeniably icky about this photo (detail shot from Frockwriter at left). Richardson’s naked, the other models aren’t, and the photo suspiciously doesn’t appear on Richardson’s blog, Terry’s Diary. Do you think this constitutes inappropriate behavior? Or is it just par for the course?

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