What Did You Think of Blog Smarter?

Today marks the close of our Blog Smarter mini-series of posts, which explain a variety of techniques for scalable blog monetization.

In case you missed them, the posts were:

This little series hints at one of the ways we’re shifting the focus of our content this year here at ProBlogger. We’ve decided to trial a more collaborative approach to posts that aims to present a range of views on a given topic—in this case, getting more value (in this case, monetarily speaking) out of the time you put into blogging. We’re hoping that these will provide food for thought, and solid starting points for your own exploration.

I know that Georgina, our content manager, has some other ideas up her sleeve—but I also know that she’d love to hear your thoughts on this approach. Was the series too short or too long? Did you think there were too many authors? Not enough angles on the topic? Did it address you as a beginning, longer-term, or stalwart blogger?

And of course, if there are any topics you’d especially like us to look at going forward, we’d be very interested to hear those ideas, too…

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What Did You Think of Blog Smarter?

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